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Chicago, IL 60640

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4410 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640

          Contact us: (773) 213 1869          Info@hamoc.org

The birthing space is filled with opportunities, struggle, perseverance, and liberation.  Life and death walked hand in hand through the birthing canal from darkness to light on January 1, 1804; proud forefather Dessalines proclaimed in Gonaïves, the genesis of a self-liberated nation- modern day Haiti. From the loins of Mother Africa and the fortitude of Toussaint, present day Ayiti bears the labor of love and synergy unmatched in time. Its glistening pores of gold, flanked with extraterrestrial-iridium mountains are suckled by barreling petroleum-rich reserves. Each inhabitant and descendent is Providentially blessed by parentage, lucrative prosperity, and national pride. On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, we celebrate the christening of the flag crafted by Parrain Dessaline and his goddaughter Flon, saluting the great, unprecedented victory for freedom by our Haitian ancestors.  

Haitian blood embodies endurance and forges a unified will and Spirit. As Haiti’s African-derived Citadelle, our ancestry also wields a fortitude founded in God as our Strongtower and Sustainer. Collectively, our lineage’s mindset refused the perpetuation of the routine atrocities bestowed upon Africans kidnapped from their homeland. As our ancestors did, we too, as Haitian descendants, must infuse the past with our present, to overcome and identify a vision of tomorrow’s  future for Haiti. REHOBOTH! Today, we, as children of our forefathers, must recall and manifest the self-determination and righteousness which enforced charity for our being and that of our children’s children’s children. 

In turn, our forefather’s gift of liberation is embodied within our national flag. Taking on multiple variations, the adopted flag represents the transformations of a people throughout generations. From the horizontal, parallel bars of blue or black and red, superimposed with our coat of arms depicting green hills, a palm tree, weapons, flags, and cap of liberty- our divine legacy is revealed. The flag’s mobile, flowing motion transports us back to a people, a religion, a time of true declaration. Still today, the nostalgia of Mother Africa waves us back, manifested in our redefined culture, cuisine, music, art, spirituality, and Creole language. Setting a precedence for heritage, we’ve marked May as Haitian Heritage Month, Haitian Flag Day (18th), and Haitian Mother’s Day (30th). BELOVED HAITI, nous t’aimons, HAITI CHERIE!!!

May 2021

ANCESTORS by Tamara Auguste