Uptown Works

Uptown Works is a series of community-driven small group conversations based on issues impacting the Uptown community.

Kompa Sware Celebration

Kompa is a modern meringue musical genre in Haiti with European and African roots. Nemours Jean-Baptiste popularized the genre following the 1955 creation of the band Conjunto International. People from all backgrounds are invited to join the museum in a Haitian celebration with music, cuisine and dance.

Spotlight Program

The Spotlight Program is an initiative to bring local artists out into the public view by showcasing their work and what they have accomplished. HAMOC celebrates artists from around the world, but this project is one of the ways we celebrate the community in Chicago.

Current Artist:


Rasin Program

“Rasin” which translates to “roots” in Kreyòl is a program aimed to celebrate the success of resident Haitian artists both locally and from Haiti at HAMOC. The program’s main purpose is to help support art by Haitian artists by providing them with a space where their work can be showcased, and with clientele who have and interest in their pieces

Current Artist:

Sabrin Gustin

Kreyol Classes

Learn the basics of Kreyol in these 8 week courses. Learn to read, write and speak in Haiti’s native language.